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Cosmos ID

Innovation Partner

We offer end-to-end microbiome science solutions from discovery through clinical validation: short- and long-read DNA sequencing, metabolomics, RNA sequencing, multi-omics analysis and systems biology expertise. Pipelines are supported by CLIA-certified & ICH-GCP compliant NGS, metabolomic, and bioinformatics solutions. Access results via the CosmosID-HUB – a user-friendly cloud software for metagenomic and comparative analysis – or through customized reports. Bioinformatic pipelines enable clonal-level resolution, engraftment analysis correlated to phenotypes, and in-silico strain screens that de-risk selection and reduce development time.


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Spherix Consulting Group

Event Partner

Spherix Consulting Group is a skilled team of expert advisors who provide their clients in the food, dietary supplement, and pharmaceutical industries with scientific solutions that result in regulatory success. Our experts evaluate and manage the risks associated with new and legacy products under regulatory scrutiny, subject to product liability and tort litigation, and/or exposed to changing scientific standards or public perceptions. We provide expertise in scientific assessment and regulatory submission to ensure successful navigation of an ever-changing worldwide regulatory climate.