Welcome to The Bioactive Infant Formula & Nutrition Summit

The Bioactive Infant Formula & Nutrition Summit is your gateway into technical, commercial and regulatory formula and ingredient success to support nutritional value added for happy, healthy infants. 

A snapshot of what’s in store: 

  • Chinese market insights and project successes to uncover global opportunity and regulatory wins 
  • Regulatory and clinical translation workshops to help you conceptualize GRAS status and support claims for external parties  
  • Novel food biotech panel discussion – unite with Helaina, TurtleTree and BIOMILQ to discover cutting edge cell-based and fermentation technologies for humanization 
  • Discussions surrounding demonstrations of bioefficacy to streamline scientific translation and understanding 

Join Your Peers to:

Network with 60+ industry professionals across formula manufacturers, novel food biotechs and ingredient providers to kick-start future partnerships 

Tap into bioactive diversity with the mission to to enhance your product humanization 

Enhance product functionality to unleash new nutritional potential 

Discover risk-averse regulatory strategies and frameworks to bullet proof the road to commercialization for your ingredients and products 


Who Will You Meet?

Join 60+ leaders and specialists across scientific and medical affairs, regulatory, nutrition and R&D leads to excel product nutrition and streamline regulatory pathways for your pipeline.

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