Advance the Functionality, Translation & Regulatory Pathway for HMOs, MFGMs, & Novel Bioactive Ingredients for Formula Industry Application

Bringing the Nutritional Value of Formula Towards the Holy Grail of Breast Milk


Bioactive Infant Formula & Nutrition Event Guide

Bouncing back from the 2022 infant formula crisis with a clear strategic emphasis on infant formula and bioactive production, we have witnessed companies such as DSM and IFF receive HMO approval on the Chinese market, alongside Yali Bio’s transformative OPO production changing the future face of formula as we know it.

With this momentum signifying the industry taking a step forward in bridging the gap towards the holy grail of human milk, the Bioactive Infant Formula & Nutrition Summit is uniquely positioned in collating such experts to define the pathway to streamline functionality, translational science and regulatory excellence. 

Join regulatory specialists, nutrition experts, and medical affairs leads to:

  • Unite with formula manufacturers, novel food biotechs and ingredient providers to uncover novel bioactive opportunities and innovative technologies
  • Conceptualize regulatory GRAS status and safety reviews to safeguard formula products alongside industry regulatory specialists
  • Smoothen preclinical and clinical translation to regulators, stakeholders and consumers to support efficacy claims 
  • Advance product functionality for HMOs, MFGMs and novel bioactives to enhance humanization


Leila Strickland
Co-Founder &
Chief Executive Officer

Leila Strickland

Built in collaboration with Abbott, FrieslandCampina, and Bobbie, this is your time to be part of the movement towards quality, nutritional formula.

World-Class Speaker Faculty Includes:

Download the Full Event Guide to Discover: 

  • 16+ expert speaker faculty
  • 3 days of data-driven case studies
  • 60+ visionaries 
  • & more
Bioactive Infant Formula & Nutrition Brochure


Really high quality speakers all presenting very relevant information. Good interaction during talks and in networking sessions.”

Director, Innovation & Education, ADM, Microbiome Movement – Maternal & Infant Health Summit 


"Fascinating presenters with very relevant subject matter.”

Senior Scientist, Reckitt, Microbiome Movement – Maternal & Infant Health Summit 

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